Nutritional history is a process of gathering information about the habits related to nutrition, quality and quantity of food intake . That’s the definition . In practice it looks like this : When someone comes for advice on nutrition , the goal is to learn from that person how and where that food is coming from and how to prepare food , way of consuming meals etc . The questions are many, but it is the most effective way to discover irregularities in the diet to correcting the cause , influenced the consequences of which are commonly called . Silent killer : obesity , high blood pressure , hyperlipemia , etc .

Definitely me as a counselor for proper nutrition , the most difficult when respondents to the question whether they thought about the importance and impact of nutrition on health, answer ” No”. Optimistically I think I’m not well understood (although važim someone who speaks loudly and clearly ) , and continue : ” Do you pay attention to what and when you eat ? ” . The most common answer to this question is: ” Well , to be honest i do not really ” .

To me this has happened once in practice , I would remember it, but I would not , as they say young drama . Is it possible that , today, when we are already in the 21st century, so we pay attention to various machines, and so little myself … ? ! Each remotely responsible driver a lot more attention to the car : the type of fuel consumed, which is the best oil when necessary to perform a technical inspection and registration , does not fail to change the engine oil at 8-10000 kilometers … ladies know exactly who or washing machine dishwasher most cost-effective . They know that is the best detergent ( ” who does not have a lot of soda ” ) , in which the concentration is placed , how often to clean filter … All they know , good for them !

If in modern times as much care to machinery , how is it that the most complex and the most perfect of them, our body , so much neglect ? Our ancestors took care of nutrition : it was known to lean and Fat days, the ” stronger ” foods when they work in the field, for a sweet only when it is a celebration , etc . And then the crisis , but the dishes are simple dishes , and in certain quantities. Today the child eats more than my dad , sweets are entered daily physical involvement ranges from minimal to none, drink more soft drinks than water … and we see the consequences all around and read the reports on the health status of the nation.

Believe it or not, everyone has a reason for neglecting nutrition , one of the three most important life processes (in addition to breathing and taking water). Yes, there is always a reason ! It’s just that I believe in the saying that ” when you do not want , find a reason , but who wants to find a way .”
This is an excellent introduction to a wonderful story about nutrition you ‘ll be happy to share with you under the ” halcyon business” offered Maverick Consulting. It is encouraging that both the employers in Serbia realize that investing in healthy eating and physical activity of employees , create a productive working environment.
I try to explain that the workshop participants nutrition is not and should not be a collection of prohibitions , but a summation of options and choices of foods that , in addition to the nutritional and energy matters , and should provide a sense of satisfaction and pleasure . I am happy to see that the participants enjoyed hearing about nutrition , at least as much as I enjoy talking about this topic . The crown of our joint effort , after a while , when we see the results corrected and improved nutrition .

Wishes you a pleasant day ,

Snežana Maričić Ralić