Team Development

Team Building

Working well within a  team, as a leader or team member, is key to success in business. Teamwork is rapidly becoming the preferred mode in most organizations, replacing the traditional hierarchical system. Our Team Building training focuses on teamwork dynamics, communication, establishing trust, and maximizing performance. Teamwork theory is reinforced through engaging and experiential activities designed to simulate events in the workplace. This highly interactive training is both informative and extremely fun for all participants.

Working in a Multicultural Team

In a global economy you may be presented with opportunities to engage and partner with people of different cultural backgrounds.  Knowing and understanding their traditions and cultural differences in doing business can help manage these relationships. Our Working in a Multicultural Team lectures are designed to help participants accept, understand and respect – as well as take advantage of – the significant differences that make up a culturally diverse workplace. Participants share their own experiences with cultural diversity.  Through interaction and conversation, participants will learn in a safe and confidential environment.