Professional Development

Communication Skills

This course is designed to help individuals understand their own communication style through understanding the styles of others. The focus is on shaping your message, enabling your audience to better understand you. This program addresses the art of active listening and understanding the impact of non-verbal communication. Role reversal will be used to improve the way in which we communicate.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts can be emotional, factual, constructive, destructive, argumentative, open or suppressed. Improved or deteriorating relationships greatly depend on the way in which we resolve conflict. In this course we address the sources of conflict and how to resolve them. Real life conflicts can be addressed to help you move beyond issues keeping you and your employees from success.

Customer Service

This course focuses on customer service training and fosters thinking dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to both internal and external customers. Exemplary customer service creates customer loyalty and a better working environment. The primary goal of a company is to their clients’ needs. Therefore, your company can only benefit from a culture of strong customer service.

Negotiation Skills


Successful negotiation involves two parties’ reaching a mutually acceptable and beneficial solution. Participants will learn the steps, from preparation to closing, to take in order to achieve best results. In addition, you will have the opportunity to improve your negotiation skills in English by learning and applying new phrases. Negotiation practices will be filmed and each participant receives a copy with a detailed analysis.

Presentation Skills

Modern business standards require clear and unhindered presentation skills. Companies in our region are constantly communicating with foreign investors, banks and other sectors of the economy.  However, you are only given a limited amount of time to communicate your message.  This can feel like an impossible task during a single 15 minute presentation. The Presentation Skills course is designed for professionals who have little presentation experience, or who want to improve upon their skills.  Participants will learn strategies to create stunning visual presentations, including how to use PowerPoint and other audio-visual aids. This is a highly interactive program with multiple opportunities for making and practicing presentations in front of an audience. You will receive real-time, constructive feedback from your peers and instructors.  All presentations are filmed and each participant receives a copy with a detailed analysis.

Media Performance

Given the role of the media in shaping your brand’s identity, it is necessary for company representatives to present an impression of confidence and competence. The Media Performance course provides participants with basic presentation skills and an introduction to various media formats. Participants learn how to customize their appearances to specific media, opportunity, and duration in order to achieve maximum impact for their company, brand, or project. Different media presentation forms and lengths are practiced during this course.  All are filmed for analysis and monitoring progress.

Effective Priority Management

Everyone can benefit from new ways for effectively organizing responsibilities at home and work.  Time and energy can be saved by an analysis of daily duties, increasing your productivity while decreasing your success.  This training will assist you in time management, workplace productivity, prioritizing short- and long-term goals, and avoiding distractions.