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The Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI™) is a tool for assessing thinking preference. This instrument is based on physiological discoveries related to the working of brain hemispheres (Roger Sperry, 1981). Research shows that the brain can be divided into four quadrants according to the different processes that take place within. While we all use each quadrant in our thought process, we usually favor one more than the others. This discovery has enabled Dr. Kobus Neethling to create an instrument which provides insight into the thinking preferences of individuals.

Better relationships, increased confidence through participation, and improved decision making skills are a few of the benefits gained by understanding our thinking profiles. Making positive career choices, or identifying the right course of study, can allow an individual to enjoy a productive and fulfilling life.

NBI™ general adult profiles are a descriptive, objective analysis of individual thinking preferences. One profile is neither better nor worse than another. Instead, your report describes your individual thinking preferences and makes recommendations thereupon.  Your profile is a measure of thinking preference, not skills and abilities.

How can learning your thinking preference impact your personal and professional life?  Perhaps your profile indicates a very strong tendency towards order, planning and organization, but you have never had the opportunity to develop such skills. The recommendation in this case would be to develop the skills that support such a desire.

NBI™ has been available in Southeast Europe since September 2013 due to cooperation between Maverick Consulting, Lighthouse  Organizational Development (Vienna, Austria), Global Insights (New York, USA) and Finding Solutions (Pretoria, South Africa).