Maverick Consulting team visited Varaždin this weekend.

We were more than worthy, but as we try to establish a "work-life" balance , we always distinguish time for sightseeing.



During our visit to Croatia, at the end of February this year, we have had the opportunity to meet several companies, including the Avus Business Education Center .

After the first conversation, the owner of the center, Asya Lajtman Bosilj and her associates recognized the potential and importance of using NBI ™ tools .


After completing personal NBI ™ profiles and consultations with Djorđe Maricic, they confirmed the first impression and expressed desire to have, in their team, certified NBI™ practitioners  who will be able to help clients to realize the full potential in all segments of life by understanding the way they think.

The result of a successful certification are two NBI™ practitioners excited about the newly acquired knowledge.

The Maverick Consulting team has continued the path to Bosnia and Herzegovina, ready for Sales Skills Improvement Training...