Maverick Consulting Team

DJORDJE MARICIC (Đorđe Maričić) is the owner of Maverick Consulting,  actively involved in Organizational Development, Business Promotion and Corporate Health. As a trainer, coach and facilitator he led many seminars and workshops in Serbia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, working with top managers, teams and leaders with focus on communications. He delivers high rated training in Presentation Skills, Media Appearances, Priority Management, Motivation and Team Building. After becoming certified NBI™ (Neethling Brain Instrument) administrator he participated in translation and adaptation of this tool for the Serbian language. Since 2014 he is certified AUTONOM TALENT® feedback coach and Licensed Partner for Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. More than half of his professional career Djordje worked as a journalist and producer for several national broadcasting companies in Serbia as well as two major TV stations in Kansas. He serves as president of Organization for Crossgenerational Cooperation 35+. Born in Belgrade, he lived and studied in Austria and the US, where he earned his B.A. in Communications and German at Bethel College, KS. Djordje is a family man who enjoys nature, traveling, sports and diverse exotic cuisine.



KEVIN DALY is an international training and development specialist with extensive organizational development experience. He holds an MBA in Business and is a qualified administrator of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI), Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), EQ-i 2.0, EQ 360, i Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory (ICS). He has led hundreds of seminars throughout Europe working together with talents, managers and leaders with a particular focus on communication, intercultural competence, and team development. Born in San Diego, California, he has called Vienna, Austria his home since 1996 from where he runs Lighthouse Organizational Development. Kevin enjoys traveling and particularly likes working with multicultural teams.



MONIKA PICKER throughout her 25 years abroad, including stints in Russia, Poland, Serbia, Southeast Europe, and Central Asia, worked with top executives, up-and-coming young professionals, artists, and university leaders. Her intercultural professional experience is an invaluable resource to her clients, providing a solid foundation and understanding of topics like permanent change, self- management, and day-to-day business. Monika’s area of focus is in entrepreneurial thinking and developing businesses and employees to meet their fullest potential. Monika has a PhD in Culture Science, Law and Philological Studies. She is an ICF certified PCC Business Coach with an emphasis on communication, intercultural understanding, and compliance. Born in Austria/Salzburg, Monika is a lover of classical music, art, books, and good business style.


ANDREA RISTL is the founder and managing director of AUTONOM TALENT® Consulting GmbH.  She has an extensive international experience as a consultant in HR management topics with the focus on change management, talent management, compensation and benefits, stress management and team development. Andrea has also had over 15 years experience working for different international companies in top managerial positions. Her current focus is personal and organisational development based on an objective HRV (heart rate variability) measurement. She is a lecturer at Danube University in Krems and a highly sought after conference speaker. She holds a degree in social and economic science from University of Vienna and is a certified group dynamics (Hernstein Institute) and mental-training (Academy H. Reiter) trainer. Andrea lives in Vienna and enjoys travelling around the world and getting to know different cultures.


SVETLANA NIKOLIC (Svetlana Nikolić) is HR expert with rich experience in Organizational Development. Graduated as an Elementary School Teacher, she acquired her first experience working with leaders as highschool student and girlscout, participating in training programs for  young leaders with Belgrade Scouts Association. Svetlana holds an M.Sc. in HR from Faculty of Organizational Science, University of Belgrade. She has years of international experience working in middle management development programs across a range of industries. In Maverick Consulting, Svetlana’s focus is on programs such as: Train the Trainer, Development of Middle and Top Management, as well as Team Development programs. Since 2010 she serves as associate training expert for French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Svetlana also worked as training coordinator  for the 2009 Universiade in Belgrade. She is the owner of “Spin Team” Consulting and Management Agency as well as “Čigra” (Spin Top) Animation Agency for kids through which she has collaborated with the Serbian Olympic Committee for several years back. Her free time is reserved for her family, fitness and long walks.


DRAGANA ROTER is senior communications and marketing expert. At Maverick Consulting she is involved and Strategic Business Promotion and Organizational Development. She started her professional career as journalist in Radio Belgrade and Government of Serbia. Since 2007, Dragana served as Chief Communications Officer with Vip mobile (Member of Austria Telekom). She started he corporate career as PR manager at McDonald’s Serbia, followed by director of marketing and PR position at one of the biggest banks in Serbia, Komercijalna Banka. Dragana led many teams and successfully organized dozens of promotional campaigns and events. With desire to share her professional knowledge and experience with other professionals and companies she started her career as a consultant with focus on External and Internal Communication, Media Relations, Crisis PR, lobbying, CRM, as well as Change Management, Leadership Skills and Employee Motivation. Dragana earned her Master’s Degree from BG Faculty of Law and completed several International specializations. She is active member of Serbian Society for Public Relations
and member of Serbian Journalists Association. Dragana is always ready to volunteer for a good cause and to spend her free time with friends, working out, reading and visiting concerts and theater plays.


THOMAS GABRIEL the head of FRANCON Business Empowerment Worldwide, is a very experienced  international sales executive. Leveraging his great network of technical and sales professionals, he is used to drive success in EMEA and to establish sustainable businesses in emerging markets. Thomas always likes to take the challenging path and to take over pioneering work. His motto is “to be always one step ahead of the crowd”. Today with almost 30 years expert knowledge in implementing premium products into new markets, he has a deep understanding in regional cultures and international markets. As Senior Sales Leader with a proven track record, he is used to build highly effective business strategies and to drive execution for achievement. His certification in international management consulting provides him with the methods to develop and transfer knowledge within businesses. “There is no evolution without change” is the Credo of Thomas Gabriel.


Dr. GEORGE ZACHARIADES is a Management Consultant and Senior Manager with extensive international experience across a wide spectrum of industries. He also has significant HR development experience through training and organizational development experience. He holds an MBA and PhD in Business backed by degrees in Marketing and in Law. He has led many organizations through project engagements and seminars throughout Europe, Africa and South America working together with young graduates, managers and leaders with a particular focus on management skills, leadership, Project Management and strategy. He enjoys traveling and particularly likes working with multicultural teams.


ALEKSANDRA ZECEVIC MARICIC (Aleksandra Zečević Maričić) fitness and recreation expert with more than a decade of experience in creating and implementing various recreation and animation programs for all generations. At Maverick Consulting she is in charge of creating corporate individual and group recreation and fitness programs. Aleksandra always strives to implement her theoretical and practical knowledge of various Yoga and Pilates systems in the service of Corporate Health. Until now, her programs have been implemented in several local and international companies and organizations. She is the author of “Let’s exercise together” specially created for Third Age Olympiad of Sports, Health and Culture participants. Aleksandra holds M.Sc. in PE and Sports, backed with her B.Sc. in Sports and Recreation. She is a founding member of the Serbian Third Age Movement and a member of Serbian Association for Sports Animation and Recreation. Aleksandra never stopped doing sports or fitness since the age of 5. She is black belt master in Karate. In her free time, Aleksandra enjoys bike rides, spending time with family and cheerful and inspirational people.


SNEZANA RALIC MARICIC (Snežana Ralić Maričić) is senior nutrition expert with twenty years of experience. Since joining Maverick Consulting her focus has been on customized diet programs for individuals and organizations within the Corporate Health pillar. Snezana is a pioneer of her profession, founding Counseling Center for Nutrition of Healthy and Ill Persons with Health Center Obrenovac, where she still works. She participated in forming and work of Diabetes Counsel and is one of founding members of Serbian Nutritionists Association. For six year Snezana served as chairmanship member of City of Belgrade Diabetes Association. She co-authored a project supported by Serbian Ministry of education called: “Basic principals of youth nutrition – nutritive and psychological aspects”, and published many professional articles on diet and nutrition. Snezana earned her Master’s degree in Public Health studies, school for educators for type 2 diabetes prevention as well as training for writing and managing EU projects. She is dedicated to her family, loves flowers, music and dogs. In free time she enjoys taking pictures and reading.