Leadership Development

Peer Coaching and Feedback

Good managers are good coaches. They must know how to motivate employees in order to improve their abilities, skills, and achieve their full potential. The Peer Coaching and Feedback course teaches managers how to set goals for their teams, motivate employees to achieve high standards, and talk with employees about strengths and weaknesses. This course includes role reversal practice, allowing managers to better understand their position from the vantage point of their employees.


Do you know how to effectively use the talents of your employees?  Our Delegating training covers all aspects of this skill: decision-making, task prioritization, identifying skilled employees, overcoming obstacles, and risk forecasting. We provide practical advice on how to motivate and develop staff, while improving your communication skills, both verbal and listening. Participation in this seminar will improve your confidence and help you become a skilled delegator.

Leadership: Ernest Shackleton

This popular module is based on the experience of the early 20th century researcher Ernest Shackleton who led a group of people to the South Pole without losing a single team member’s life. The Leadership: Ernest Shackleton training focuses on leadership, motivation, building trust, and effective communication.

Leadership and Management Methods

This training is designed for both new and experienced managers who are seeking to improve their managing and leadership skills.  This multi-day seminar can be adapted to cover topics specific to your workplace. Topics includes leadership, communication, coaching and feedback, time management, conflict resolution, negotiation, team management, delegating, managing meetings and more.

Leadership in the Corporate World

This interactive course is aimed at organizations requiring to develop leaders at every level and managers dealing with the leadership challenges of today. Participants learn how to be effective leaders, deal with the complexities of team inspiration and motivation and the impact of leadership styles. Leadership issues like communicating your vision, empowering your team and dealing with conflict are also dealt with. The course will also help participants understand their evolution path , identify future leaders, assess their competence and plan their development.

Advanced Project Management

Project managers are under increasing pressure to deliver projects within shorter time frames and at less cost. Participants will learn the latest techniques in project management including planning, scheduling, resource management, risk management and how to successfully achieve project objectives and satisfying all key stakeholders.

Effective Meeting Management

The average worker spends 9 hours each week preparing and participating in meetings.  While meetings are a fact of the team-centered workplace, poorly managed meetings waste time and decrease productivity. The Effective Meeting Management training offers practical advice on all aspects of holding and managing meetings. Participants learn about planning and preparing an agenda, choosing the meeting venue and seating arrangements, adhering to an agenda, and how to conclude a meeting. Special attention is dedicated to improving your use of English in meetings.