Maverick Consulting and Quantified Company have dedicated last two weeks of November to share and exchange views on how we use data in HR today. At our workshop we have gathered HR professionals from different industries (legal, telecommunications, IT, gaming, financial and HR consultants).

Here is a short summary of what we discussed and conclusions we have made together with all of the participants:

  • Presented models of categorizing collected HR data:
  • Conclusions of participants based on their experience and communication in HR department:
    • Key motivating factors to work at a company:
      • Company stability
      • Challenging work/projects (personal and professional development)
    • Key demotivating factors to work at a company:
      • Poor communication between teams/departments (lack of empathy)
      • Relationship between management and employees (no matter the level)
    • One of the main challenges:
      • Time needed to process, understand and act on collected opinions of all members of an organization
      • Commitment of all stakeholders to make necessary alterations when need is recognized
  • Next steps:
    • For Maverick Consulting and Quantified Company:
      • Call for CSO’s larger than 50 employees to be evaluated and supported by HR professionals
      • Call for HR professionals to take part in supporting an CSO that will be “Quantified”
      • Schedule a new Workshop date for the end of February
    • For you:
      • Mark your calendar for February 21-28
      • Nominate up to three CSO’s
      • Share your opinion and rate opinions here on HR challenges
      • Use QC to do comparative evaluation with your other tools as part of New Year’s resolution activities and enjoy great discounts. You’ll get actionable data within 5 working days!

Here is a glimpse of what HR professionals think about challenges.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or ideas on how to use data for empowerment.