Bright Business 60

Vedri biznis 60

BRIGHT BUSINESS 60 is a 60 minute exercise program to be completed before or after work.  This program is designed around the skill and fitness levels of the participants. The goal is to gradually increase the workout’s intensity as the group progresses. Focused workouts target flexibility, agility, aerobic endurance, and strength. Two programs are offered within the BRIGHT BUSINESS 60.  Programs can be recommended to individual employees based on their current level of fitness or personal preference.

  • Functional Workout

A unique exercise program, the Functional Workout offers a combination of stretch, body shaping, and corrective exercises. The program is low to moderate intensity, suitable for beginners. The goal of this workout is to improve flexibility and strengthen core muscle groups weakened by long-term inactivity.

  • High Energy Workout

A form of aerobic training, the High Energy Workout includes exercises to improve or maintain fitness, as well as exercises to improve muscle strength and agility. This program improves overall fitness, quickens metabolism, reduces fatty tissue, and tones the body.  It reduces stress, stiffness, mild chronic pain, and helps improve posture. The High Energy Workout is intended for persons wanting a more dynamic type of exercise.