Boost your work performance!

7Bits is a mobile app based microlearning and performance support tool that provides structured, step-by-step guides for common workplace situations and recurring work tasks that you can read in less than 5 minutes and immediately apply on-the-job

Why 7bits?

Quick access to best practice knowledge for common workplace situations.

Part of the workflow resulting in positive, sustainable behavior change.

Bite-sized content that is easy to understand, remember and apply.

Learn the few things just-in-time and directly in your workflow that bring you the most results.

Access to company’s internal learning content, guides, operating procedures and compliance processes.

Higher employee productivity by transferring learning directly and immediately to work applications.

How 7bits works?

Browse best practices for common workplace situations we all experience on a daily basis.

In less than 5 minutes review structured best practices, relevant for the task.

Once in the work situation apply best practices for top performance.

Ready2Go Library


Provide your employees with an on-demand learning tool they can always access when they need help in a particular workplace situation

Custom content

Add your own step-by-step guides, Standard Operating Procedure manuals or an outline of your internal training content ; Help employees comply with Quality Assurance guidelines of your organization in an intuitive and engaging way.