Bright business is a new concept of motivational and health care relationship of an employer and their employees. The key is in combination of proper nutrition and physical activity in order to increase productivity and employee satisfaction. By investing in the most important resource of any company – the employee, the employer contributes to creating a productive work environment in which employees are ready to provide maximum performance and are loyal to the company.

In our workshop/training we work on improvement of employees’ habits related to diet and physical activity. By scanning current status in your company, we provide specific recommendations and advice aimed at preserving and improving the overall health of employees. There may also be individual consultations on proper nutrition and optimal physical activity. Workshops/training are organized in your company to make our recommendations and measures to improve immediately implemented in concrete terms.

We offer programs for companies that have organized meals that we create together to improve the daily/weekly/monthly menu in accordance with the specific needs and requirements of employees and the work processes.

Programs for hoteliers include workshops/training for employees who participate in the implementation of wellness and spa programs, as well as organizing workshops/training for customers of wellness and spa programs.